Poetry illustrations for “Poezii cu Ma și Mi”

I loved the entire process of poetry illustration about the twin little sisters Ma and Mi,
written and felt by Irina Becher. It is a collection of poems both for children and parents. And grandparents. Each illustration complements the words by creating a memorable moment or emotion from childhood. Like an album but with words, colors and emotions. And laughter.

Page by page, it became my favorite poetry illustrations project. As the characters grew on the pages, my little boy was growing in front of me. And even though I’m not a mom of twins, I totally relate to the feelings and the amusement of each poem.

I tried to illustrate childhood and motherhood on the same page, in bright colors, round shapes. The perfect memory that makes you forget all the hardships. The perfect detail that brings a smile on your face.

The illustrations were made in Procreate, app for iPad Pro.