Illustrated books for children, Adventures of Emma

This series consist of three illustrated books for children, “Adventures in the Virtues Land”, “Adventures in the Non-Virtues Land” and “Adventures in the Friendship Land”, written by Alex Blence, published at Univers Publishing House.

Just like in the Erus series, I took on the challenge to create an entire universe that revolves around Emma, the main character. A brave, curious little girl in a continuous discovery of the world. New characters, new challenges. I loved translating the virtues in colors that paint a memorable picture in children’s imagination. Big words like love, fear, friendship found their own language through shapes and vivid colors.

In this series of illustrated books for children bright colors were my personal choice because I believe that this is how children see the world. There are no gray tones. Just colors. Even in darkness. That’s why they see the bright and the fun side in every little thing. Each illustration shows that and takes me and hopefully you on the colorful side of imagination.