I'm Doina
I'm an Illustrator

Illustrations are my way to bring my imagination into this world. To make it real.

I consider them to be the true shapes of words. Just like each letter has a shape, words take magical shapes in colors and textures when put together in sentences.

That is why every time I illustrate a book for children, I create a world on top of the world written in black words on white paper. A world of colors and lines. A vivid one. And I love exploring different styles and color languages to convey different feelings. Throughout my illustrations you’ll discover details, hidden gems that open the door to more meanings.

As an illustrator, I started to illustrate in classical manners – watercolor, gouache on paper and now I prefer digital illustration. My interests vary from children’s illustrations to personal series of artworks. From bright colors to pastel tones. From straightforward elements to visual metaphors and symbols.

As a graphic designer, I embrace every project as an opportunity to explore new ways to convey my vision. As a packaging designer I try to find the best shape for stories or products. And as a graphic artist, I always search for the best tools to convey ideas.