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Hey You!

I'm Doina
I'm a Visual Story Teller

I am an illustrator who tells stories through shapes, colors, movement, and passion.
I wear many hats and I love each one of them. Graphic designer? I can wear that hat in so many programs. Packaging designer? I rock that hat in so many layouts. Graphic artist? Just scroll through my website and see for yourself.

Painting is my first love; editing is my first job done with love.
Short-movies, documentaries, experimental movies, social campaigns, advertising projects – these were my playground for years. I tried to tell other people or brands stories through editing, animating and even creating fictional characters.
In 2016 I started telling my own stories through my illustrations. With every one of them I explore and experiment new styles, new worlds, new feelings. So that each story has a texture of its own, a unique voice unfolding in colors.
When I’m not in a fictional world, I love playing with my little boy in the real world, discovering colors, puddles and bugs.

If you want to further explore my world, contact me and let’s conquer worlds together.